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What happens when you sweat

I have long understood the importance of replenishing my body with electrolytes;  however not everyone realizes how important it really is.  There are many people out there educating on nutrition and sometimes it can be really confusing and other times scary.  I recently heard a licensed dietitian say “Don’t consume a sports drink unless you are working out for more than an hour.  It will just give you added calories your body doesn’t need…”  As an educated fitness nutrition enthusiast this kinda freaked me out that a large group of “educate me” people were hearing this.  This has some truth to it and it has some serious UN-truth to it.

One very important thing to understand is that the body doesn’t really know how to count calories.  It actually spends its time counting the type of nutrition you are putting in it.   It will respond to what you put in it and it will perform with what you put it in.  SO… if you want more optimal performance start making certain you are putting healthy in your body and stop worrying about this whole antiquated “calorie” counting thing.  If you are working out to lose weight you are not going to put weight on if you drink the “right” electrolyte sports drink.

The truth part:  Most electrolyte sports drinks on the market are full of artificial and funky junky ingredients.  Yes, if you consume a product with sucralose aka splenda it has shown to be a contributing factor for weight gain – they harp on how low sugar or no sugar is better than sugar and that is not true.  High fructose corn syrup is another artificial ingredient that the body doesn’t recognize so it has also been shown to put added weight on you.  Don’t let those “no sugar” or  “diet drink” labels fool you!

The un-truth part:  Sugar is bad for you and no amount is good.  Don’t think no and low sugar diets are the way to go.   It is the TYPE of sugar that is important. The body actually requires some sugar to transport nutrients throughout the body and into the brain.  The real issue is that people are consuming way too much sugar overall.  Sugar is healthy just don’t overdo it.

ELECTROLYTES!  Why are they important and what will happen if you don’t replenish while working out?  When you sweat you are losing more than just water.  You are losing sodium and potassium and they need to be replenished.  Depending on the severity of the electrolyte depletion your symptoms will be different some are listed in the picture above.  Most importantly, look for clean and healthy electrolyte sports drinks.  Replenish responsibly and you will not only feel great, you will recover quicker and  your performance will improve.




Simple Fat Burning Tip

Just by adding COCONUT OIL to your diet you can BURN FAT!  It will speed up your metabolism and rid fat.   It likes to attack the fat in the abdominal area.  An area where many of us want to lean out!  An area that contains the toxic fat we want to rid and avoid.  Visceral Fat – it is connected  to cardiovascular health and disease. No more spare tire around that waist!

Why does a FAT burn FAT?  Most fats are long-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) and because of that is metabolizes differently.   It actually goes directly to the liver from the digestive tract and used for ENERGY right away or turns into ketone bodies.

A calorie is NOT a calorie either!  Most fats contain the same amount of calories.  You will speed your metabolism with coconut oil as compared to butter or olive oil resulting in BURNING more calories!  Woot! Woot!

Do you want to FEEL fuller so you put LESS calories in your body?  Coconut oil has this effect.  It makes you feel fuller so you will put less calories in your body.  (For those calorie counters…eat nutritious, nutrient dense foods and you won’t have to ever count a calorie again!)

Studies have shown that by just adding COCONUT OIL to your diet you will increase your fat loss and waist circumference loss as compared to not replacing your current fat/oil consumption.

Don’t go crazy on the coconut oil!  Remember the idea is to replace the other oils you are currently using- butter, soybean oil, vegetable oil, olive oil….

Guess what you want to start using more of?  Yes! You got it!  COCONUT OIL!

Now imagine if you add some exercise and a few other healthy foods.  BAM!  You are going to see a bigger transformation!



When I hear the words,  “Broccoli Sprouts!”  I giggle and laugh!! Why?  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer seventeen years ago we did all kinds of alternative therapies and natural therapies after realizing that the conventional therapy may not have been the final route to go (for him).  I would ask his oncologist a lot of questions, which his oncologist disliked.  Apparently, he felt I was questioning his expertise.  I am not one to just listen and do.  I want to know more!  I also asked him what we could do in addition to the conventional chemotherapy, for which, he told us “nothing.”  There was one occasion where I shared we were going to change our food lifestyle to very strict raw foods and juicing and he yelled at me saying, “You can have him eat as many broccoli sprouts as you want and it will do nothing for cancer!”  Then he stormed out of the room.  My husband asked me if I had said anything about broccoli sprouts and my response was NO but I was going to look them up, it sounded promising.   And we burst out  laughing.  I think at that point we had cried so much with his diagnosis and how many months he was told he had to live that we only had laughter left.

With my BROCCOLI SPROUT fond memories you can only imagine the excitement when I saw this article!   YAY!  Check it out! RESULTS ARE SO PROMISING!

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