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GMO or NO GMO  is not the issue when it comes to SOY.

I was shopping in Naples, Florida 18 years ago at a small organic nursery and market (Now called Food & Thought) The owner a brilliant, passionate gentleman was in awe that my boyfriend and I were shopping for Organic produce.  He told me he hadn’t seen anyone at the time as young as we were and as educated in the importance of organic produce and foods.  We spoke for a while and he educated me on what he knew.  I listened to every word. He advised me to do my research on soy and to avoid it at all costs, organic or not!  I was so confused at the time because soy was just starting to hit all the stores and people were claiming that soy was so healthy and that we should be consuming it.  Articles even went to the extent to say that Asians were using it and they were much healthier than Americans.  What the articles and those promoting it were failing to do was to research it accurately and even research the type of soy Asians were consuming because it wasn’t what we had in the United States.  I did my research and I had to dig deep to find stuff but it was there.  There was no way I was risking it.  There were studies showing long term use of soy was causing problems with the thyroid as with many other things that were not positive. Wonder what the incidence of thyroid conditions are today as compared to 18 years ago.

Only time would tell.  I share my knowledge with others and haven’t kept it a secret.  I don’t promote anything with soy in it.  I just can’t when I know what science reveals it does to the body and organs.  Check your products and see if you are consuming soy. It may surprise you.

No Soy for Your (Grand-)Parents! Soy Blunts Strength Gains in 12-Week Resistance Training Study – Avg. Gains Approx. 30% Lower Than in Both Dairy and No Protein Group!  (CLICK HERE TO READ THE STUDY)



what do you see

This morning I was taking my youngest child to school. He is seven.  On the way to school he likes to play this game called HUMMER-JEEP game. You get 2 points for spotting a HUMMER and 1 point for spotting a JEEP.  It had started to seem like there were an awful lot of jeeps that I was not seeing so I added the rule that you must say the color of the jeep.  My son sees the first one and says, “JEEP – SWAMP COLOR”  and immediately in my head I saw a cool swamp and saw myself trudging thru it.  Now this may sound strange to many.  I love nature so to me this sounded fun and cool.  Then within 5 seconds he says, “JEEP- SUN COLOR” and I went right to seeing the sun and feeling the warmth on my body as I saw myself lying on the beach (the beach is my favorite place). Then I thought WOW!  How cool is this!  He could have said, “green” and I would have just saw a green jeep in my  head and he could have said, “yellow” and I would have seen a yellow jeep in my head.   This made me realize even more so what we say and how we say it, is so more powerful than imagined.  Love this kids creativity and how he enlightens others!  Not only am I grateful for being his mom and in his life daily but grateful for others that get to be in his presence and are actually listening to what he has to share.


anti inflammatory body

Are you looking to improve your athletic performance?  Build an Anti-Inflammatory Body!   Avoid processed foods and acidic foods, eat a low glycemic diet, whole foods and alkaline supplements.  Both whole foods and supplementation are necessary to getting the athletes body the nutrients, minerals, and proteins required to perform optimally.  They are paramount to avoid breakdown of muscles, joints and bones.

Eating food closest to nature is the best way to assure its alkalinity.  There are many charts on line and in books that can assist with finding the most alkaline foods.

Are your supplements alkaline?   If you are going to be consuming a high protein shake you best make sure that it is alkaline if you are putting in a lot of effort to keep your food intake alkaline.   From my experience the majority of them aren’t.  Most of the protein shakes on the market have artificial sweeteners (sucralose is a big one being used right now- it is really SPLENDA!)  Artificial sweeteners are extreme when it comes to acidity.  Also the way the protein is extracted to create the shake is also very important. Most shakes are being processed using high heat, acid and/or salts – again creating an acidic product.  When the body consumes an acidic food or supplement the body is placed in an acidic state and creates acidic blood. When the blood is acidic it will then look to pull calcium from your bones to maintain an alkaline state.   If your body is unable to get it back to an alkaline state you will end up weakening your bones.  Having an alkaline body allows for free movement of muscles, joints and strong bones which in turn makes for better performance.

What to look for in an ideal alkaline protein shake?  The ideal protein shake is cold ion-exchanged extraction/cold cross-flow-membrane extracted. This will allow for greater bioavailability and the protein to be rich in cystine, glutamylcystine, and sulfur raise glutathione levels and will protect the body from inflammation induced by exercise.  Look at the integrity of the supplier.  Make sure that the source of the protein is of highest quality and not oxidized but fresh.  If whey, grass fed, range-raised cows free of antibiotics.

It is really important you know what you are putting in your body! An acidic body is a body with inflammation and promotes numerous diseases as it ages.


The average American’s food consumption consists of 90% processed foods.  Foods that are full of chemicals, toxins, fillers, and impurities.  These foods register as poison to our body and over a periods of time the body begins to fail.  Some people experience this quicker than others.   Our food supply has worsened with technology.  It no longer contains all the minerals and nutrients our body requires.    Foods are called “Natural” when in fact they are not really “Natural”.  They are creating fake foods. We are getting further and further away from real, whole foods.   We are becoming a society that feels gorging and more of everything is better, the latest and greatest.  We are feeding ourselves emotionally and now physically to keep up with our bigger belly’s.  We are experiencing diseases at alarming rates.  Is it worth it?

Our cells are living and they require living sources so they can function optimally.  Our body is pure magic and does amazing things when we fuel our cells  properly.  It has the ability to heal itself if given the proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins, adaptogens, botanicals, proteins, carbohydrates and sugars.  If you feed it less than optimal nutrients you will get less than optimal results. Not all nutrients are sourced the same.  If we want to glow and feel amazing our body  now requires supplementation.   I have been fortunate to experience healing and watch it first-hand.  Give the body the nutrients it requires and watch what happens.


Sweet Treat for Valentines Day

The “Pick Me Up” chocolate!   That would be “Pick Me Up” as in ENERGY and you never know… you just may able to pick someone up.  Give someone you care about one of these chocolates and you may have just won their heart.

What if you could eat chocolate and get benefits from it?  Wouldn’t that just make you feel so much better and not so bad for indulging in this treat?  You often hear that chocolate has benefits and yes that is true;  however not all chocolate is created the same.  The method in how the raw cacao bean is processed effects the amount of flavanols left in the product.

Research points to the flavanols in the chocolate as having great benefits which assist in lowering blood pressure and vascular function,  improving cognitive function, and even providing UV protection for our skin!

I love the IsaDelight Plus – Green Tea infused Milk and Dark Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate is actually my favorite.

There are many reasons why I choose IsaDelight Plus and here are some of them:

“Green tea is rich in antioxidants including EGCG, which increases thermogenesis, which helps you burn fat and supports weight-management goals.

IsaDelight Plus Dark Chocolate is made up of 70% non-alkalized cocoa powder, produced by a low-temperature process in a state-of-the-art US facility, to preserve potent antioxidants.

IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate is sourced from single bean chocolate that is the best chocolate available.

Essential amino acids and an exclusive blend of B vitamins and minerals promote positive moods by elevating “feel good” chemicals in your brain, which helps to curb hunger and provide an energy “pick me up.”

Has only 60 calories per treat and contains the same amount of sugar in 1/8 of an apple, with no artificial sweeteners. It’s the most sensible and delicious chocolates in the world.”

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Nutrient Timing Blog Pic

Hurry! You only  have 30 minutes!  After your intense workout you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capitalize on greater muscle gains and recovery.  Fueling with a quality protein and carbohydrate shake will allow for this.  Feed and fuel the body properly. Know when and what you should be fueling with so that you can take full advantage of your hard efforts and fitness routine.

Your body is very sensitive to nutrient absorption after you workout and you will want to make sure you have the right type of protein.  Whey protein absorbs the fastest as compared to any other proteins.  Not all proteins are created equally.  Click on the link below to learn more about the type of protein and  requirements for different types of athletes.



NUTRIENT TIMING FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF ATHLETES                                                      click here to learn more

Something Is A Little Fishy!


something is a littl fishy 1

Kids just say the funniest things!  My 2nd graders humor and problem solving skills together just keep me entertained.  He came home not too long ago saying that I can’t ever pack him a smoked salmon sandwich again.  He loves smoked salmon so of course I had to find out why.  Apparently his friends made fun of him and said his salmon was a weird lunch and smelly.  So he tells me  he would like Sardines next time.  LOL!

I love that he is so into fish because fish oils are so good for his developing brain.   Fish oil has so many benefits.  Supplementing a quality, molecular distilled fish oil is addition to eating fish weekly is optimal.  Today unfortunately our large fatty fish are full of heavy metal toxins and that is not something we want to be eating a whole lot of especially since those toxins can store in our cells. Therefore a quality, tested supplement is best.

The benefits of fish oil includes increasing focus, decreasing inflammation from physical activity, increases seratonin levels (the happy hormone), great stress fighter, good for cardiovascular health, assists in mitigating insulin response, increases circulation, assists skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, may ease join pain, known to boost immune function.


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A QUALITY OMEGA SUPPLEMENT ?                                        7 MYTHS ABOUT OMEGA-3s


Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it

Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it!”  Been totally feeling like this lately.  WOW!  I will admit though when I really get out there and take some risks, magically great things start happening.  I have noticed that I may not seem equipped to handle some of the challenges that come my way or the opportunities I go after but for some reason I become equipped as I go along.  I do not allow myself to become stranded or left to sink.  I always seem to find a way to swim.  It takes confidence, strength, and courage to keep going. I know that there is a higher power guiding me.  I visualize the end result and I stay positive along the way.

Our subconscious mind always tries to get us to stay in our comfort zone especially when we start to gravitate towards the unfamiliar.  It freaks out if we try to disrupt our routine or take on another challenge. Yet the truth is that if we want positive change in our life we must take action and become uncomfortable.  Sitting around in complacency waiting for someone else to do all the work for us is just an excuse to be average and play average.  That may work for some people but if you want more than just average out of life, let go of the fear and “Bite off more than  you can chew and then chew it!”



Leap of Faith

It isn’t about me!  Well, I am sure when I was little I thought it was all about me.  I think something just shifts as we get older.  Maybe we learn it from our parents or maybe from our life experiences.  I remember my mother giving so much of herself and her time to myself and my brothers and that resonated with me.

I had this crazy experience where there was this voice in my head and it kept saying over and over again, “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!  It wouldn’t stop until I acknowledged it.  When I acknowledged it a huge smile-like smirk came across my face.  I was sitting across from my daughter and I stared right at her.  Our eyes met and she said in her sarcastic, spitfire voice that she often uses with me when she isn’t liking something or feels that I am about to share something that she isn’t going to like,  “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I then started to explain to her what had just happened and shared with her that there are times in our life when clues or cues are given to us to do something, or try something new, or make a change with the way we are doing something and we ignore the clues and cues.  Then this amazing clue just comes at you and won’t stop until you acknowledge it and that is when you know  “It’s time!”

I have to share this with others because so many times we ignore signs or clues.  If we just stop and quiet our minds a little everyday to allow these “gut instincts”, “messages”, “sixth sense”, or “clues” to enter and listen to what they are telling us, some amazing opportunities or successes won’t be missed.  We are asking all the time for signs, signals, or for answers to challenges or a direction to go in life and we don’t stop to listen when the answer is given.  Listen because you  may be ready for that Leap Of Faith!

So you may be asking what it is time for?  Well, it isn’t about me and what it is time for, for me because what excites me may not be the least bit exciting for you.  Go find your quiet time and listen!



sweat like a pig look like a fox

I have never been shy about sweating.  I am a major sweater.  I am not sure that I can chalk it up to the fact that I must be working out   harder than the person next to me – yet that sounds good! Ha! What I do know is that my body is losing water and nutrients while sweating . Even with just 1 % of water loss, it is enough to compromise my performance and can cause my heart to have to work harder. The most important thing that I make sure happens is that I replenish properly and right away.

If you are just drinking water while working out you may cause an imbalance in your body.   Your drink should contain electrolytes in it to assist with keeping you hydrated and to assist in maintaining proper muscle and nerve function.  It is also important to have the right amount of carbohydrates for glycogen storage which allows for quicker recovery and stamina.   The right amount and type of carbohydrates is very important.   Too much of a simple sugar or an artificial sugar can lead to abdominal upset and discomfort.

I only choose products backed by science, clinical studies, and with nothing artificial in it.  No dyes or artificial sweeteners.  Only the best for my body (and my kids’ bodies too)!