Hot Topic! New Territory!  There are a lot of studies going on right now and the results coming in are exciting.  Protein right before bed!  It is showing that it is very beneficial for those that are looking to lean up and put on some muscle mass.  We all know that when you put on lean muscle mass it assists in the fat burning process.  An additional tip to allow for slower digestion and to let those amino acids slowly feed the muscles all night and into the muscle cells….  add a scoop of a nut butter into your Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate.

Make sure the undenatured whey protein you are taking right before bed doesn’t have added sugar. That sugar can cause unwanted weight gain.

Make sure that the whey protein is in an undenatured state.  Meaning not heated or processed. Heated and processed proteins cause bloat and are acidic. For results you want an alkaline protein.

If you are looking for a great undenatured whey protein shake from grass-fed cows that will boost your metabolism all night and lean you up  CLICK HERE or contact me.  I have done all the research for you! 

WANT A LEAN BODY? PROTEIN! (and not just any kind!)

WANT A LEAN BODY? PROTEIN!  (and not just any kind!)

I have friends that are getting that LEAN body! YAY! Then I have others that are  working out, eating clean, and wondering why they are not getting that look they desire.

It comes down to THREE reasons why –, QUALITY of protein, TIMING, and AMOUNT.  That’s it!


There are three important macro-nutrients that our body requires and they are carbohydrates, fat, and protein.  The problem today is that our Standard American Diet (SAD) has decent amounts of protein BUT it is mixed with processed, artificial junk.   This doesn’t allow optimal utilization of body composition.  You must have balance of the three macronutrients in healthy forms.  A lot of people are juicing right now and that is great.  Again there seems to be not enough balance with the juicing. Protein is being missed. Many people feel that the protein from too much meat will cause problems.

GREAT NEWS!  Undenatured Whey Protein from Grass-Fed cows.  It has the perfect balance of amino acids the muscles require and the bioavailability is the best I have seen.  Unfortunately, a problem in the protein shake industry is that many companies claim that their product has a certain amount of protein in it but the quality assurance is not being done and  third party tests on the products are showing that you are not getting what is on the label. With that said you will want to find a company that has integrity and a quality product.


To spike the muscle protein synthesis you will want to get the protein in your body several times throughout the day.  Depending on your lifestyle, active or sedentary you will want protein anywhere from 3 – 5 times a day.

It is great to consume protein within 30 minutes after your workout so it goes straight to the muscle fibers and tissues for repair and recovery.  You will also want the most readily absorbable protein to get it to those muscles fast so you don’t miss the repair time.  Undenatured whey protein concentrate from Grass-Fed Cows.


Calculating the amount of protein your body requires for you lifestyle is done many different ways. 

  • For sedentary folks the RDA is 50g per day
  • The active group, more endurance based athletes, runners, bikers, etc multiply .7  or .8 per lb. of body weight
  • The resistance training population that are trying to put on muscle mass and gain that lean muscle .9 – 1 g of protein per lb. of body weight
  • The older population is having sarcopenia in high incidences today. They need over 30g of protein per meal serving  


QUALITY, TIMING, and AMOUNT of protein will get you your LEAN BODY!




Underpaid!  Living at or below the poverty line is their life!  

Can you imaging thinking as your work day comes to an end, every single day, “I am not sure I can do this any longer.  I am not making enough of a living to keep it going.”  Small organic farmers are not doing it for the money.  They are doing it out of their passion for real food, an organic lifestyle, and their love for the earth.  

When you buy from an organic farmer you are buying from someone who has worked really hard to get that food in front of you. A lot harder than you may realize. They often have to justify to consumers why their produce costs more. It most definately tastes so much better than mass produced produce. 

“THE ORGANIC LIFE” Chronicles a year in the life of an organic farmer…CLICK TO VIEW MOVIE

A year in the life of an hopeful organic farmer and his skeptical girlfriend reveals that a changing climate, financial insecurity, demanding physical labor, and corporate agriculture threaten the sustainability of one of the world’s most traditional livelihoods in modern-day America.

You can also show your support by purchasing this movie to share with others.  Definately opened my eyes even more to appreciate small organic farmers at a whole new level.  Share this with children too.  They are our future.  


I was recently introduced to CRICKET PROTEIN!  Yes eating crickets as a source of protein.   Eeeek!  Can you imagine biting into a cricket burger , cricket protein bar, or cricket sandwich?  I am visualizing antennae, legs, and crunchy body parts.  At first I thought this was a joke so I did a little research.  Eeeek!  The idea of eating crickets is just so gross. 

It appears to be a rising trend and claims to be healthier than beef, have more magnesium than beef with a lot of other healthy nutrients in them.  I am wondering what the crickets eat because with cows it matters what they eat. If they are not grass fed cows their meat is less than optimal.  I am picturing a cricket farm, they are free roaming and eat organic feed of some kind. I never really thought about what crickets eat.  I think that would be important to know.  Also I know that they are calling it cricket meat but how much meat can really be on a cricket and would that mean if you are vegetarian or vegan you can’t eat bugs?  Or can you eat bugs and still be considered vegan or vegetarian?  So much to research. 🙂

I guess if you can get past the ICK factor they can be quite delicious- so they say.  As interesting as all of this can be I am still on the fence with the idea of eating crickets for protein.  Honestly, at this time I am in love with my un-denatured whey protein and my sprouted vegan shake for my feeling like being vegan today shakes.  They are alkaline, organic, give me all the essential amino acids I need and keeps me lean with lots of energy.


click here to read more


Pour on the Sauerkraut. It is a Superfood!

Replenish the good bacteria in your gut!

Have you ever been on antibiotics?  Silly question right!  The question should be how many times have we been on antibiotics.  Where as there are benefits to be on antibiotics it unfortunately wrecks a whole lot of havoc on our gut.  It kills all the good gut flora that is responsible for keeping our immune system high and assisting in digesting food and absorbing nutrients.  It can actually throw our body off and take a good 6 months to restore that gut flora.  A great way to speed that process is by making raw sauerkraut or purchasing it at a local health food store.

Increases digestive enzymes in the stomach to assist in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients!

As we get older it is harder for us to create hydrochloric acid in our body. This acid is essential in breaking down foods. The lactic acid that is created when eating the sauerkraut will partially compensate for some of the missing hydrochloric acid to defend against harmful bacteria and parasites. 

Have acne?  

Raw sauerkraut has also been show to assist teens with acne.  It cleanses the bowls and generates healthy bowel flora which is the cornerstone for every natural acne treatment. 



I just saw a post from someone in a private group I am in that someone they knew was having trouble swallowing their vitamins. I thought hmmm… I have given my significant other the rolling of the eyes treatment because he has such trouble swallowing his vitamins.  I thought he was just being difficult.  I have always told him to just get over it.  C’mon he is grown adult and he sets all his vitamins out and he has to mentally prepare to take them.  There is this whole process. Seems way too time consuming to me! So weird, right?!  Well apparently this is not weird because after doing a little research it is said that 40% of adults have trouble swallowing vitamins.  Really!  Wow! That is a pretty high percentage!  

I easily can put 10 vitamins in my mouth and swallow them.  Gone! Doing their job of feeding my cells and I feel great. Never thinking twice about it.  

Exciting and not so exciting NEWS about this!  

Exciting is that there are ways to make it easier.

The not so exciting part is that this is psychological in nature, related to a fear of gagging.  

(I knew there was something wrong with my significant other!  Ha!Ha!)




Are you working out, eating pretty healthy and still not seeing the results you wish you could see?  There are several things to look and we are starting with…Alcohol!  

“Is the alcohol making you fat?  Yes and No!”

 Love Andi’s video!  

She shares exactly what is going on within the body and how alcohol can effect the liver and fat burning mode.  

She answers your questions about how many drinks you can have. 

How many drinks can I have and still see fast fat loss results?

How many drinks can I have and see slower fat loss results.

How many drinks can I have to maintain my already reached fat loss goals?


Nemo 1

Apparently suicide side shuffles and I didn’t agree this time around.  It is amazing how quickly our lives can take a drastic turn.  Luckily I only ended up with an avlusion fracture.  This would mark the first true injury I have encountered where I didn’t really know what to expect, do and how quickly I would heal from.  I have never broken anything and I was certain this was just a sprain at first because it didn’t hurt that bad.  I waited six days before I actually got an x-ray.  Why?  Well I could walk on it and I figured with how I did things I could get the swelling down and I would be back to my HIIT workouts in a few days.

It didn’t really end of happening as I had planned.  Once I got the swelling down it looked a little weird so I opted to get an x-ray.  The radiologist did say it looked older than  a six day injury and I had to say that I will attribute that to faster than average healing.  It truly was only six days (not 2 weeks).  On Day 2,  I was in the pool swimming just using my upper body and core because I wasn’t going to let this stop me from getting my exercise fix.  I just needed to find another way to exercise.

Now how did I get it to heal faster than average?  I can’t say that I do one thing for anything.  I will do several things so that I get results fast.  I always believe in a combination of things and I whether it was one of the many things I do or the combination I am not always certain.  I just know something worked.

Essential Oils was the first thing I used.  Immediately!  Haven’t been fond of icing and I questioned it.  I did a little research on icing and I personally decided to only ice the first day.   The oils I use are therapeutic grade and I have used them for many other things and have had great results.

Essential oils for Fractured ankle


On Day 6, I started using a North Pole Magnet.  It was introduced to me by a friend and chiropractor Dr. Annalee Kitay.   I started to see even more significant decrease in inflammation.  Pretty cool!


North Pole Magnet

“Medical research states that placing the north pole of a magnet on any living tissue attracts the positive electrolytes in the body, since electrolytes also have a magnetic charge. The most common and most plentiful are Hydrogen (H+ or the H+ of H20), Calcium (Ca++), Potassium (K+), Sodium (Na+), Magnesium (Mg++), Carbon (C+) and Iron (Fe++).  Every red blood cell contains iron, as part of a molecule known as hemoglobin, and its function is to deliver oxygen into the cell and pick up waste. Placing the North Pole® on the skin/body will accelerate the body’s natural process of healing.  We know that oxygen promotes natural healing and the hemoglobin serves as a garbage truck, removing waste, thus decreasing edema, inflammation and swelling. That decreases pain naturally.”

North Pole Magnets Information

On Day 10, I started using the H-Wave Instrument.

“…the H-Wave device was specifically designed to improve circulation and enhance fluid shifts; thereby, addressing the inflammation that is so often the causative factor in pain and disabilities. By simply placing adhesive pads on the skin and connecting to the device, H-Wave can create very comfortable and strong muscle contractions. A 30 minute treatment will contract muscles and increase fluid shifts in the area, significantly addressing symptoms in the most rehabilitative way possible. The goal of H-Wave is never to mask symptoms, but rather to speed recovery and/or manage chronic symptoms with several treatments per day/week depending on the situation. Published research has shown that the specific technology of H-Wave represents a paradigm shift in electro-therapeutic treatment and produces the optimal non-fatiguing stimulation for fluid shifts.”

H-Wave Instrument Information


Although I am not totally healed, I started to flutter kick while swimming on Day 17.  I am working on getting my range of motion and balance back in check.  Amazing how decreased the range of motion is.  I did feel a bit like Nemo yesterday with my “lucky fin” though.


I am still in the recovery process; however I wanted to share what I have personally used  to decrease inflammation and heal. I am not by any means suggesting that  this route is for everyone nor do I claim to diagnose, cure or treat any conditions!  These are just modalities that I have found, incorporated and have seemed to assist me in my recovery.

Fractured Ankle

Frankincense To The Rescue

Frankincense Benefits

So excited about by my newest experiment  I have had a ganglion cyst (a synovial fluid like filled sac around joints and tendons) in between my knuckles for about 3 years now. Not sure exactly how I caused it. I noticed it after I started increasing my number of push ups. I did have it aspirated after it first occurred; however it came right back a couple weeks later. I just recently heard of an essential oil that may possibly assist in decreasing the inflammation so I have been applying Frankincense oil on my ganglion cyst for 3 weeks now and check out the difference already. Wow! I will keep applying 1 drop every day because this is really exciting!



I was at a sporting event the other day and was listening to great excitement about this coconut water sports drink and how beneficial it was and how it was only 70 calories and just so good for you.  I had to just check this out because I didn’t want to be missing out on some great health benefits.  If there is a product with a health benefit I am all in on it.  I was given a “free” sample and I read the ingredients.  I never tasted it because I couldn’t get passed the misconception.  It was by no means what it claimed to be.

Coconut water has amazing benefits and the Sports Drink market has taken this electrolyte filled beverage and is running with it.  You will see all kinds of sports drinks sporting  things like, “100% Coconut Water” or “All Natural” and in fact this has some un-truth to it.   When you flip the beverage around and read the ingredients and it says, “coconut water concentrate” that means that the coconut water was heated and processed and reduced to a syrup. It is then shipped at a cheaper cost and when it gets to the supplier they add water to it. Yikes!  When anything is heated or processed the nutrients and beneficial enzymes are denatured or gone and no longer available for the body to benefit from.    So if you are looking for the amazing benefits of coconut water  and not just a sugary flavored drink that does very little for your health CHOOSE  RAW, unpasturized coconut water that is  high pressured processed to kill bacteria or off a tree in your yard and take your health to the next level.