Last year about this time I was so excited about HOMESCHOOLING my kids.  They had asked me for a few years to be home schooled and I had to get myself into the position to be able to fulfill their dreams.  The year is almost over and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Well…if you would have asked me this in September or October I would have likely responded differently.

We started off in a curriculum that wasn’t the right fit and it took me a couple months to figure that out even though it didn’t feel right after week two.  I woke up many mornings frustrated, not knowing what I was doing, crying, and wondering if I had made the right decision.   When making decisions for myself it is much easier.  Making a decision for my kids has to be really thought out, researched, and thought out again. Being responsible for someone else is quite the challenge. I take it seriously, want to get things right, and if I see fit change it up to get it right.  My daughter ended up deciding that she wanted to switch curriculums and do virtual school.  I put the ball in her court and off she took in a virtual school program.  She is almost done with her 8th grade school year.  I am really impressed with her motivation and her dedication to getting her work done.  Her younger brother followed suit two weeks later.

We have had a year of no fighting to get homework done and no late nights up doing homework till midnight.   I know they are learning because they have oral exams with their teachers and they have projects and test they take online.   They have enjoyed their extra curricular activities and sports not worrying about a game going on too late because they had to get to bed at a certain time to rush off to a school early the next morning.  We have been able to spend more time together and enjoy each others company.  I have had the opportunity to spend more one on one time with my kids and really get to see the beauty within each one.   I haven’t been able to do everything I had wanted to do for myself but for some reason that wasn’t the plan for me this past year.  I had to just go with the flow and know there was a plan and although it wasn’t my plan it was someone’s plan for me.   Once I “let go” it all became easier.  For a persistent person like myself the “let go” stage was dragged on longer than it should have but that was apparently my journey.  I am going to miss some of this next school year and some of it I won’t miss YET I  feel fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity.  I can’t believe the school year is almost over and my year of HOMESCHOOLING is almost done.