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What happens when you sweat

I have long understood the importance of replenishing my body with electrolytes;  however not everyone realizes how important it really is.  There are many people out there educating on nutrition and sometimes it can be really confusing and other times scary.  I recently heard a licensed dietitian say “Don’t consume a sports drink unless you are working out for more than an hour.  It will just give you added calories your body doesn’t need…”  As an educated fitness nutrition enthusiast this kinda freaked me out that a large group of “educate me” people were hearing this.  This has some truth to it and it has some serious UN-truth to it.

One very important thing to understand is that the body doesn’t really know how to count calories.  It actually spends its time counting the type of nutrition you are putting in it.   It will respond to what you put in it and it will perform with what you put it in.  SO… if you want more optimal performance start making certain you are putting healthy in your body and stop worrying about this whole antiquated “calorie” counting thing.  If you are working out to lose weight you are not going to put weight on if you drink the “right” electrolyte sports drink.

The truth part:  Most electrolyte sports drinks on the market are full of artificial and funky junky ingredients.  Yes, if you consume a product with sucralose aka splenda it has shown to be a contributing factor for weight gain – they harp on how low sugar or no sugar is better than sugar and that is not true.  High fructose corn syrup is another artificial ingredient that the body doesn’t recognize so it has also been shown to put added weight on you.  Don’t let those “no sugar” or  “diet drink” labels fool you!

The un-truth part:  Sugar is bad for you and no amount is good.  Don’t think no and low sugar diets are the way to go.   It is the TYPE of sugar that is important. The body actually requires some sugar to transport nutrients throughout the body and into the brain.  The real issue is that people are consuming way too much sugar overall.  Sugar is healthy just don’t overdo it.

ELECTROLYTES!  Why are they important and what will happen if you don’t replenish while working out?  When you sweat you are losing more than just water.  You are losing sodium and potassium and they need to be replenished.  Depending on the severity of the electrolyte depletion your symptoms will be different some are listed in the picture above.  Most importantly, look for clean and healthy electrolyte sports drinks.  Replenish responsibly and you will not only feel great, you will recover quicker and  your performance will improve.






I remember first hearing about this “healthy” peanut (well it isn’t really a nut – its a seed!)  about ten years ago.  I had to order them because they weren’t sold locally and there was only one distributor that had them at the time.   They weren’t in powder form either but I would add them to my  shakes and smoothies for protein and many other health benefits. I was excited to recently see it in powder form (kinda forgot about it for some time).  I have been adding it to my protein shakes and YUM!

  • Contains the highest source of plant OMEGA 3’s
  • 7000 mg of omega fatty acids per one ounce serving (13 times more than in an ounce of salmon)
  • Also contains OMEGA 6 & 9
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Supports Brain Health and Memory
  • 8 grams of Protein per Ounce (more than a hamburger)
  • Contains Tryptophan (makes you happy)
  • Fiber
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Great for skin, hair and nails
  • Helps you burn bad fats
  • Assists in Balancing Blood Sugars


Simple Fat Burning Tip

Just by adding COCONUT OIL to your diet you can BURN FAT!  It will speed up your metabolism and rid fat.   It likes to attack the fat in the abdominal area.  An area where many of us want to lean out!  An area that contains the toxic fat we want to rid and avoid.  Visceral Fat – it is connected  to cardiovascular health and disease. No more spare tire around that waist!

Why does a FAT burn FAT?  Most fats are long-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) and because of that is metabolizes differently.   It actually goes directly to the liver from the digestive tract and used for ENERGY right away or turns into ketone bodies.

A calorie is NOT a calorie either!  Most fats contain the same amount of calories.  You will speed your metabolism with coconut oil as compared to butter or olive oil resulting in BURNING more calories!  Woot! Woot!

Do you want to FEEL fuller so you put LESS calories in your body?  Coconut oil has this effect.  It makes you feel fuller so you will put less calories in your body.  (For those calorie counters…eat nutritious, nutrient dense foods and you won’t have to ever count a calorie again!)

Studies have shown that by just adding COCONUT OIL to your diet you will increase your fat loss and waist circumference loss as compared to not replacing your current fat/oil consumption.

Don’t go crazy on the coconut oil!  Remember the idea is to replace the other oils you are currently using- butter, soybean oil, vegetable oil, olive oil….

Guess what you want to start using more of?  Yes! You got it!  COCONUT OIL!

Now imagine if you add some exercise and a few other healthy foods.  BAM!  You are going to see a bigger transformation!


Help At Last! Rid Those Sugar Cravings!


Eliminate Sugar Cravings

How awesome would that be if you could eat that cookie because you wanted to NOT because if you didn’t eat it you were going to go into a screaming rage not getting your sugar fix?   I am finally able to actually enjoy a sweet treat because I know that after I have only one cookie or one piece of cake that satisfies me and I don’t have to eat the whole dozen or whole cake to feel fulfilled.  I have eaten healthy for along time;  however I do enjoy a sweet treat at times.

You can control your sugar cravings with one simple trick….MINERALS.   The reason why we crave sweets and sugar is because we are mineral deficient.  Our soils are depleted of these minerals, therefore our foods are depleted, and so are we.  Scientific studies have shown that when you take trace minerals, especially chromium and vanadium they assist in balancing your blood sugars whether your blood sugars are high or low.  Chromium deficiency has not only been shown to cause sugar and/or starch cravings but also contributes to poor muscle tone which is another reason why people experience difficulty with weight loss or hit plateaus when trying to lose weight.  Have a chocolate craving?  That often is because of a  magnesium deficiency.  Did you know that minerals play a key role in metabolism, growth, development, brain function, bone health, eye sight, heart health,  the immune system and so much more?

Our body requires a lot of major minerals and a small amount of trace minerals every  day to perform optimally.  Since minerals work in synergy with vitamins we are not  able to utilize vitamins if we don’t have our daily dose of minerals.  No wonder we are struggling as a society to lose weight, build muscle, and feel AHmazing!

Can you take just any minerals?  Yes you could; however it is really important to get your minerals in ionic form in order for you body to absorb them.  Not just any minerals will do.  Do your research on the brands to take or ask someone who is educated in that area!

Birthday Blessings


I just had a birthday and was so humbled by the comments and birthday wishes that I received.  Many of the comments brought tears to my eyes.

Three years ago I made a huge leap of faith and walked away from a profession that I loved.  I was surrounded by a very different group of people then, than I am surrounded with today.  Co-workers complained, were angry, complained and focused on what they didn’t have and we were headed by a ring leader that intentionally sought out to make others lives miserable and picked on someone different every week. Whether this was the intention or not this was what was going on.  I am sure this hasn’t been anyone else’s experience with their “job” in the past or currently. Haha! As positive and optimistic as I was it eventually took its toll.  I wanted out!

I wanted a change. I wanted to be empowered. I wanted something totally different that would allow me to be me without exhausting me every single day.  I also had to be doing something I loved.  I left that “job” and by just being me,  finding a company who’s main focus was empowering people,  working on being the best me all the time, sharing possibilities and opportunities with others, I have made the best friendships.  I am surrounded by the most positive, kind, compassionate people that really care about making a difference in others lives.  It isn’t about “what’s in it for me”.   They give so much and in return receive.  I am in my happy place!  Thank you to all my friends from the deepest bottom of my heart for being a part of my life and all you give to me that fulfills my life.



When I hear the words,  “Broccoli Sprouts!”  I giggle and laugh!! Why?  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer seventeen years ago we did all kinds of alternative therapies and natural therapies after realizing that the conventional therapy may not have been the final route to go (for him).  I would ask his oncologist a lot of questions, which his oncologist disliked.  Apparently, he felt I was questioning his expertise.  I am not one to just listen and do.  I want to know more!  I also asked him what we could do in addition to the conventional chemotherapy, for which, he told us “nothing.”  There was one occasion where I shared we were going to change our food lifestyle to very strict raw foods and juicing and he yelled at me saying, “You can have him eat as many broccoli sprouts as you want and it will do nothing for cancer!”  Then he stormed out of the room.  My husband asked me if I had said anything about broccoli sprouts and my response was NO but I was going to look them up, it sounded promising.   And we burst out  laughing.  I think at that point we had cried so much with his diagnosis and how many months he was told he had to live that we only had laughter left.

With my BROCCOLI SPROUT fond memories you can only imagine the excitement when I saw this article!   YAY!  Check it out! RESULTS ARE SO PROMISING!

BROCCOLI SPROUT EXTRACT SHOWS PROMISE…                                                           CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE


This morning I had someone say to me,  “Why do you always post about being happy and all these positive posts when you are challenged also? Why don’t you let people know that you have challenges too.”  This isn’t the first time someone has mentioned this so I took it as a clue.  

I have had many challenges in my life and I didn’t, nor don’t have time to pitty potty my way through them or woe is me.  I don’t know if it is instinctive for me to just power through them, shed many tears in the shower along the way, and ask what am I meant to learn from this or if this is something I was taught to do growing up.  I almost lost my soul mate when I was 27 years old to cancer.  My health went on a downward spiral a couple years after that with severe chemical sensitivities, my thyroid and adrenals were not working properly and I was searching for a natural way to bounce back.  I had three pregnancies and battled hyperemesis garvidarum for each one and refused to medicate for the condition.  That took huge mindset. It was extremely exhausting.    My oldest child had focusing challenges and it effected her learning.  My middle child has anxiety challenges and it effected his every day simple tasks.  My third child had to have reconstructive surgery at 7 months old. He was breaking out in hives with about 75% of the foods he was consuming at 1 years old (and we eat mostly organic, no soy, no funky fake stuff- figure that one out-) .  He also has been challenged with sensory imput, a thumb sucker, severely phonologically speech impaired, word retrieval, learning difficulties, coordination, balance and behavioral challenges.  I am sure I have missed other challenges.  

The  point is that I am not superhuman. I don’t pretend to be superhuman. I have many challenges.   I choose to have a positive mindset and remind myself that I am here to learn from my challenges.  It is not what I am challenged with it is how I react to the challenges and what I learn from them.  I use my challenges to help others and share with others what I have done naturally to overcome all the challenges I have had. I am very passionate about that. I search for natural means and I never give up resulting in finding a solution.  I choose to post  a positive quote or write about events in a positive way and it relates often to my previous or current challenges. So next time you see me post something happy and positive know I am also thrown lemons. I  learn to make lemonade out of them. 


This video will totally change how you decide you are going to diet!  When the  word “die” is in diet, that may be our clue.

Peter Greenlaw shares why,  “Food will never be enough again.” Our soils are so depleted of nutrients that the only difference between organic and not organic food now a days is the amount of pesticides we are consuming. When you eat food you are getting 10 of the 70 minerals your body  needs daily, organic or not.   When you don’t get those minerals your body requires to absorb all the vitamins your body also needs daily then you are missing both.  Yikes!   Foods job is to carry genetic information to our genes.  If you are not feeding your body all the nutrients it needs then your genes are not getting feed properly and your body breaks down.  If you don’t supplement properly for every pound you lose you are also losing muscle. We love our muscle- uh oh! When one diets, cuts calories, not only do they decrease the amount of food they eat but they also decrease the amount of nutrients. Our body functions on the amount of nutrients it receives. It is not a calorie counter. It counts nutrients! 



Most people reflect back on life and realize they wished they had lived life differently.  Most people don’t fulfill even half of their dreams.  What if you started to realize that you are destined to live the life of your dreams? We truly are meant to not have any regrets.  Each of us is here on a mission and we get distracted, fall off track sometimes or are busy learning from challenges that we are facing. We all have experienced this.  Some give up, feel exhausted, burnt out, look at challenges as obstacles while others look at challenges as stepping stones.  

Bronnie Ware, a hospice nurse did a study asking her patients in their final days if there was anything they regretted or whether there was anything they wish they had done differently and the number one answer was, ” I wish I had lived a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”  That is powerful! 



I have always enjoyed my electrolyte enhanced sports drink while working out and exercising.  It always makes me feel so much better than plain water.  There have been few times where I am rushing out the door to workout and forget my prepared water bottle on the counter and yes I do feel a difference!   So when I see the science behind natural sugar and what it does for the brain, hormones, and overall exercise performance I get real excited that it’s not really all in my head. YAY!   

Some benefits include:

  • enhanced concentration
  • better control and movement
  • quicker recovery
  • reduction of hormonal stress (keep cortisol levels balanced)

“While many believe using carbohydrates in the form of sugar is better served for longer-termed endurance exercise, new evidence is showing that enjoying a bit of the sweet stuff can also benefit both short- and long- duration exercise like your average gym workout.

Short exercise durations, in theory, shouldn’t require large amounts of carbohydrates, whereas long duration exercise, is fueled mostly by fat. So why should you consume sugar at all? The reason is that simple carbohydrates can drive and enhance exercise performance, which is why they are still part of the regular supplementation regimen for the vast majority of top athletes.”

How do you know how much to consume so the carbohydrates don’t become stored and make you put on weight you don’t want or need?

Short term exercise:  30 grams of carbohydrates per hour or a sip every 8 – 10 minutes during a  workout

Endurance or longer duration exercise:  more carbohydrates definately will be needed and the best form is a mix o