Help At Last! Rid Those Sugar Cravings!


Eliminate Sugar Cravings

How awesome would that be if you could eat that cookie because you wanted to NOT because if you didn’t eat it you were going to go into a screaming rage not getting your sugar fix?   I am finally able to actually enjoy a sweet treat because I know that after I have only one cookie or one piece of cake that satisfies me and I don’t have to eat the whole dozen or whole cake to feel fulfilled.  I have eaten healthy for along time;  however I do enjoy a sweet treat at times.

You can control your sugar cravings with one simple trick….MINERALS.   The reason why we crave sweets and sugar is because we are mineral deficient.  Our soils are depleted of these minerals, therefore our foods are depleted, and so are we.  Scientific studies have shown that when you take trace minerals, especially chromium and vanadium they assist in balancing your blood sugars whether your blood sugars are high or low.  Chromium deficiency has not only been shown to cause sugar and/or starch cravings but also contributes to poor muscle tone which is another reason why people experience difficulty with weight loss or hit plateaus when trying to lose weight.  Have a chocolate craving?  That often is because of a  magnesium deficiency.  Did you know that minerals play a key role in metabolism, growth, development, brain function, bone health, eye sight, heart health,  the immune system and so much more?

Our body requires a lot of major minerals and a small amount of trace minerals every  day to perform optimally.  Since minerals work in synergy with vitamins we are not  able to utilize vitamins if we don’t have our daily dose of minerals.  No wonder we are struggling as a society to lose weight, build muscle, and feel AHmazing!

Can you take just any minerals?  Yes you could; however it is really important to get your minerals in ionic form in order for you body to absorb them.  Not just any minerals will do.  Do your research on the brands to take or ask someone who is educated in that area!

Birthday Blessings


I just had a birthday and was so humbled by the comments and birthday wishes that I received.  Many of the comments brought tears to my eyes.

Three years ago I made a huge leap of faith and walked away from a profession that I loved.  I was surrounded by a very different group of people then, than I am surrounded with today.  Co-workers complained, were angry, complained and focused on what they didn’t have and we were headed by a ring leader that intentionally sought out to make others lives miserable and picked on someone different every week. Whether this was the intention or not this was what was going on.  I am sure this hasn’t been anyone else’s experience with their “job” in the past or currently. Haha! As positive and optimistic as I was it eventually took its toll.  I wanted out!

I wanted a change. I wanted to be empowered. I wanted something totally different that would allow me to be me without exhausting me every single day.  I also had to be doing something I loved.  I left that “job” and by just being me,  finding a company who’s main focus was empowering people,  working on being the best me all the time, sharing possibilities and opportunities with others, I have made the best friendships.  I am surrounded by the most positive, kind, compassionate people that really care about making a difference in others lives.  It isn’t about “what’s in it for me”.   They give so much and in return receive.  I am in my happy place!  Thank you to all my friends from the deepest bottom of my heart for being a part of my life and all you give to me that fulfills my life.