Underpaid!  Living at or below the poverty line is their life!  

Can you imaging thinking as your work day comes to an end, every single day, “I am not sure I can do this any longer.  I am not making enough of a living to keep it going.”  Small organic farmers are not doing it for the money.  They are doing it out of their passion for real food, an organic lifestyle, and their love for the earth.  

When you buy from an organic farmer you are buying from someone who has worked really hard to get that food in front of you. A lot harder than you may realize. They often have to justify to consumers why their produce costs more. It most definately tastes so much better than mass produced produce. 

“THE ORGANIC LIFE” Chronicles a year in the life of an organic farmer…CLICK TO VIEW MOVIE

A year in the life of an hopeful organic farmer and his skeptical girlfriend reveals that a changing climate, financial insecurity, demanding physical labor, and corporate agriculture threaten the sustainability of one of the world’s most traditional livelihoods in modern-day America.

You can also show your support by purchasing this movie to share with others.  Definately opened my eyes even more to appreciate small organic farmers at a whole new level.  Share this with children too.  They are our future.  

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