This video will totally change how you decide you are going to diet!  When the  word “die” is in diet, that may be our clue.

Peter Greenlaw shares why,  “Food will never be enough again.” Our soils are so depleted of nutrients that the only difference between organic and not organic food now a days is the amount of pesticides we are consuming. When you eat food you are getting 10 of the 70 minerals your body  needs daily, organic or not.   When you don’t get those minerals your body requires to absorb all the vitamins your body also needs daily then you are missing both.  Yikes!   Foods job is to carry genetic information to our genes.  If you are not feeding your body all the nutrients it needs then your genes are not getting feed properly and your body breaks down.  If you don’t supplement properly for every pound you lose you are also losing muscle. We love our muscle- uh oh! When one diets, cuts calories, not only do they decrease the amount of food they eat but they also decrease the amount of nutrients. Our body functions on the amount of nutrients it receives. It is not a calorie counter. It counts nutrients! 


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