This morning I had someone say to me,  “Why do you always post about being happy and all these positive posts when you are challenged also? Why don’t you let people know that you have challenges too.”  This isn’t the first time someone has mentioned this so I took it as a clue.  

I have had many challenges in my life and I didn’t, nor don’t have time to pitty potty my way through them or woe is me.  I don’t know if it is instinctive for me to just power through them, shed many tears in the shower along the way, and ask what am I meant to learn from this or if this is something I was taught to do growing up.  I almost lost my soul mate when I was 27 years old to cancer.  My health went on a downward spiral a couple years after that with severe chemical sensitivities, my thyroid and adrenals were not working properly and I was searching for a natural way to bounce back.  I had three pregnancies and battled hyperemesis garvidarum for each one and refused to medicate for the condition.  That took huge mindset. It was extremely exhausting.    My oldest child had focusing challenges and it effected her learning.  My middle child has anxiety challenges and it effected his every day simple tasks.  My third child had to have reconstructive surgery at 7 months old. He was breaking out in hives with about 75% of the foods he was consuming at 1 years old (and we eat mostly organic, no soy, no funky fake stuff- figure that one out-) .  He also has been challenged with sensory imput, a thumb sucker, severely phonologically speech impaired, word retrieval, learning difficulties, coordination, balance and behavioral challenges.  I am sure I have missed other challenges.  

The  point is that I am not superhuman. I don’t pretend to be superhuman. I have many challenges.   I choose to have a positive mindset and remind myself that I am here to learn from my challenges.  It is not what I am challenged with it is how I react to the challenges and what I learn from them.  I use my challenges to help others and share with others what I have done naturally to overcome all the challenges I have had. I am very passionate about that. I search for natural means and I never give up resulting in finding a solution.  I choose to post  a positive quote or write about events in a positive way and it relates often to my previous or current challenges. So next time you see me post something happy and positive know I am also thrown lemons. I  learn to make lemonade out of them. 

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