I was recently introduced to CRICKET PROTEIN!  Yes eating crickets as a source of protein.   Eeeek!  Can you imagine biting into a cricket burger , cricket protein bar, or cricket sandwich?  I am visualizing antennae, legs, and crunchy body parts.  At first I thought this was a joke so I did a little research.  Eeeek!  The idea of eating crickets is just so gross. 

It appears to be a rising trend and claims to be healthier than beef, have more magnesium than beef with a lot of other healthy nutrients in them.  I am wondering what the crickets eat because with cows it matters what they eat. If they are not grass fed cows their meat is less than optimal.  I am picturing a cricket farm, they are free roaming and eat organic feed of some kind. I never really thought about what crickets eat.  I think that would be important to know.  Also I know that they are calling it cricket meat but how much meat can really be on a cricket and would that mean if you are vegetarian or vegan you can’t eat bugs?  Or can you eat bugs and still be considered vegan or vegetarian?  So much to research. 🙂

I guess if you can get past the ICK factor they can be quite delicious- so they say.  As interesting as all of this can be I am still on the fence with the idea of eating crickets for protein.  Honestly, at this time I am in love with my un-denatured whey protein and my sprouted vegan shake for my feeling like being vegan today shakes.  They are alkaline, organic, give me all the essential amino acids I need and keeps me lean with lots of energy.


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