I have always enjoyed my electrolyte enhanced sports drink while working out and exercising.  It always makes me feel so much better than plain water.  There have been few times where I am rushing out the door to workout and forget my prepared water bottle on the counter and yes I do feel a difference!   So when I see the science behind natural sugar and what it does for the brain, hormones, and overall exercise performance I get real excited that it’s not really all in my head. YAY!   

Some benefits include:

  • enhanced concentration
  • better control and movement
  • quicker recovery
  • reduction of hormonal stress (keep cortisol levels balanced)

“While many believe using carbohydrates in the form of sugar is better served for longer-termed endurance exercise, new evidence is showing that enjoying a bit of the sweet stuff can also benefit both short- and long- duration exercise like your average gym workout.

Short exercise durations, in theory, shouldn’t require large amounts of carbohydrates, whereas long duration exercise, is fueled mostly by fat. So why should you consume sugar at all? The reason is that simple carbohydrates can drive and enhance exercise performance, which is why they are still part of the regular supplementation regimen for the vast majority of top athletes.”

How do you know how much to consume so the carbohydrates don’t become stored and make you put on weight you don’t want or need?

Short term exercise:  30 grams of carbohydrates per hour or a sip every 8 – 10 minutes during a  workout

Endurance or longer duration exercise:  more carbohydrates definately will be needed and the best form is a mix o

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