Nemo 1

Apparently suicide side shuffles and I didn’t agree this time around.  It is amazing how quickly our lives can take a drastic turn.  Luckily I only ended up with an avlusion fracture.  This would mark the first true injury I have encountered where I didn’t really know what to expect, do and how quickly I would heal from.  I have never broken anything and I was certain this was just a sprain at first because it didn’t hurt that bad.  I waited six days before I actually got an x-ray.  Why?  Well I could walk on it and I figured with how I did things I could get the swelling down and I would be back to my HIIT workouts in a few days.

It didn’t really end of happening as I had planned.  Once I got the swelling down it looked a little weird so I opted to get an x-ray.  The radiologist did say it looked older than  a six day injury and I had to say that I will attribute that to faster than average healing.  It truly was only six days (not 2 weeks).  On Day 2,  I was in the pool swimming just using my upper body and core because I wasn’t going to let this stop me from getting my exercise fix.  I just needed to find another way to exercise.

Now how did I get it to heal faster than average?  I can’t say that I do one thing for anything.  I will do several things so that I get results fast.  I always believe in a combination of things and I whether it was one of the many things I do or the combination I am not always certain.  I just know something worked.

Essential Oils was the first thing I used.  Immediately!  Haven’t been fond of icing and I questioned it.  I did a little research on icing and I personally decided to only ice the first day.   The oils I use are therapeutic grade and I have used them for many other things and have had great results.

Essential oils for Fractured ankle


On Day 6, I started using a North Pole Magnet.  It was introduced to me by a friend and chiropractor Dr. Annalee Kitay.   I started to see even more significant decrease in inflammation.  Pretty cool!


North Pole Magnet

“Medical research states that placing the north pole of a magnet on any living tissue attracts the positive electrolytes in the body, since electrolytes also have a magnetic charge. The most common and most plentiful are Hydrogen (H+ or the H+ of H20), Calcium (Ca++), Potassium (K+), Sodium (Na+), Magnesium (Mg++), Carbon (C+) and Iron (Fe++).  Every red blood cell contains iron, as part of a molecule known as hemoglobin, and its function is to deliver oxygen into the cell and pick up waste. Placing the North Pole® on the skin/body will accelerate the body’s natural process of healing.  We know that oxygen promotes natural healing and the hemoglobin serves as a garbage truck, removing waste, thus decreasing edema, inflammation and swelling. That decreases pain naturally.”

North Pole Magnets Information

On Day 10, I started using the H-Wave Instrument.

“…the H-Wave device was specifically designed to improve circulation and enhance fluid shifts; thereby, addressing the inflammation that is so often the causative factor in pain and disabilities. By simply placing adhesive pads on the skin and connecting to the device, H-Wave can create very comfortable and strong muscle contractions. A 30 minute treatment will contract muscles and increase fluid shifts in the area, significantly addressing symptoms in the most rehabilitative way possible. The goal of H-Wave is never to mask symptoms, but rather to speed recovery and/or manage chronic symptoms with several treatments per day/week depending on the situation. Published research has shown that the specific technology of H-Wave represents a paradigm shift in electro-therapeutic treatment and produces the optimal non-fatiguing stimulation for fluid shifts.”

H-Wave Instrument Information


Although I am not totally healed, I started to flutter kick while swimming on Day 17.  I am working on getting my range of motion and balance back in check.  Amazing how decreased the range of motion is.  I did feel a bit like Nemo yesterday with my “lucky fin” though.


I am still in the recovery process; however I wanted to share what I have personally used  to decrease inflammation and heal. I am not by any means suggesting that  this route is for everyone nor do I claim to diagnose, cure or treat any conditions!  These are just modalities that I have found, incorporated and have seemed to assist me in my recovery.

Fractured Ankle