what do you see

This morning I was taking my youngest child to school. He is seven.  On the way to school he likes to play this game called HUMMER-JEEP game. You get 2 points for spotting a HUMMER and 1 point for spotting a JEEP.  It had started to seem like there were an awful lot of jeeps that I was not seeing so I added the rule that you must say the color of the jeep.  My son sees the first one and says, “JEEP – SWAMP COLOR”  and immediately in my head I saw a cool swamp and saw myself trudging thru it.  Now this may sound strange to many.  I love nature so to me this sounded fun and cool.  Then within 5 seconds he says, “JEEP- SUN COLOR” and I went right to seeing the sun and feeling the warmth on my body as I saw myself lying on the beach (the beach is my favorite place). Then I thought WOW!  How cool is this!  He could have said, “green” and I would have just saw a green jeep in my  head and he could have said, “yellow” and I would have seen a yellow jeep in my head.   This made me realize even more so what we say and how we say it, is so more powerful than imagined.  Love this kids creativity and how he enlightens others!  Not only am I grateful for being his mom and in his life daily but grateful for others that get to be in his presence and are actually listening to what he has to share.

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