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GMO or NO GMO  is not the issue when it comes to SOY.

I was shopping in Naples, Florida 18 years ago at a small organic nursery and market (Now called Food & Thought) The owner a brilliant, passionate gentleman was in awe that my boyfriend and I were shopping for Organic produce.  He told me he hadn’t seen anyone at the time as young as we were and as educated in the importance of organic produce and foods.  We spoke for a while and he educated me on what he knew.  I listened to every word. He advised me to do my research on soy and to avoid it at all costs, organic or not!  I was so confused at the time because soy was just starting to hit all the stores and people were claiming that soy was so healthy and that we should be consuming it.  Articles even went to the extent to say that Asians were using it and they were much healthier than Americans.  What the articles and those promoting it were failing to do was to research it accurately and even research the type of soy Asians were consuming because it wasn’t what we had in the United States.  I did my research and I had to dig deep to find stuff but it was there.  There was no way I was risking it.  There were studies showing long term use of soy was causing problems with the thyroid as with many other things that were not positive. Wonder what the incidence of thyroid conditions are today as compared to 18 years ago.

Only time would tell.  I share my knowledge with others and haven’t kept it a secret.  I don’t promote anything with soy in it.  I just can’t when I know what science reveals it does to the body and organs.  Check your products and see if you are consuming soy. It may surprise you.

No Soy for Your (Grand-)Parents! Soy Blunts Strength Gains in 12-Week Resistance Training Study – Avg. Gains Approx. 30% Lower Than in Both Dairy and No Protein Group!  (CLICK HERE TO READ THE STUDY)

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