Sweet Treat for Valentines Day

The “Pick Me Up” chocolate!   That would be “Pick Me Up” as in ENERGY and you never know… you just may able to pick someone up.  Give someone you care about one of these chocolates and you may have just won their heart.

What if you could eat chocolate and get benefits from it?  Wouldn’t that just make you feel so much better and not so bad for indulging in this treat?  You often hear that chocolate has benefits and yes that is true;  however not all chocolate is created the same.  The method in how the raw cacao bean is processed effects the amount of flavanols left in the product.

Research points to the flavanols in the chocolate as having great benefits which assist in lowering blood pressure and vascular function,  improving cognitive function, and even providing UV protection for our skin!

I love the IsaDelight Plus – Green Tea infused Milk and Dark Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate is actually my favorite.

There are many reasons why I choose IsaDelight Plus and here are some of them:

“Green tea is rich in antioxidants including EGCG, which increases thermogenesis, which helps you burn fat and supports weight-management goals.

IsaDelight Plus Dark Chocolate is made up of 70% non-alkalized cocoa powder, produced by a low-temperature process in a state-of-the-art US facility, to preserve potent antioxidants.

IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate is sourced from single bean chocolate that is the best chocolate available.

Essential amino acids and an exclusive blend of B vitamins and minerals promote positive moods by elevating “feel good” chemicals in your brain, which helps to curb hunger and provide an energy “pick me up.”

Has only 60 calories per treat and contains the same amount of sugar in 1/8 of an apple, with no artificial sweeteners. It’s the most sensible and delicious chocolates in the world.”

Click Here To Read Why IsaDelight Plus Chocolate Is Good For You!

Click Here To Listen In And Hear Why IsaDelight Plus Chocolate Is Good For You!

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