The average American’s food consumption consists of 90% processed foods.  Foods that are full of chemicals, toxins, fillers, and impurities.  These foods register as poison to our body and over a periods of time the body begins to fail.  Some people experience this quicker than others.   Our food supply has worsened with technology.  It no longer contains all the minerals and nutrients our body requires.    Foods are called “Natural” when in fact they are not really “Natural”.  They are creating fake foods. We are getting further and further away from real, whole foods.   We are becoming a society that feels gorging and more of everything is better, the latest and greatest.  We are feeding ourselves emotionally and now physically to keep up with our bigger belly’s.  We are experiencing diseases at alarming rates.  Is it worth it?

Our cells are living and they require living sources so they can function optimally.  Our body is pure magic and does amazing things when we fuel our cells  properly.  It has the ability to heal itself if given the proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins, adaptogens, botanicals, proteins, carbohydrates and sugars.  If you feed it less than optimal nutrients you will get less than optimal results. Not all nutrients are sourced the same.  If we want to glow and feel amazing our body  now requires supplementation.   I have been fortunate to experience healing and watch it first-hand.  Give the body the nutrients it requires and watch what happens.

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