anti inflammatory body

Are you looking to improve your athletic performance?  Build an Anti-Inflammatory Body!   Avoid processed foods and acidic foods, eat a low glycemic diet, whole foods and alkaline supplements.  Both whole foods and supplementation are necessary to getting the athletes body the nutrients, minerals, and proteins required to perform optimally.  They are paramount to avoid breakdown of muscles, joints and bones.

Eating food closest to nature is the best way to assure its alkalinity.  There are many charts on line and in books that can assist with finding the most alkaline foods.

Are your supplements alkaline?   If you are going to be consuming a high protein shake you best make sure that it is alkaline if you are putting in a lot of effort to keep your food intake alkaline.   From my experience the majority of them aren’t.  Most of the protein shakes on the market have artificial sweeteners (sucralose is a big one being used right now- it is really SPLENDA!)  Artificial sweeteners are extreme when it comes to acidity.  Also the way the protein is extracted to create the shake is also very important. Most shakes are being processed using high heat, acid and/or salts – again creating an acidic product.  When the body consumes an acidic food or supplement the body is placed in an acidic state and creates acidic blood. When the blood is acidic it will then look to pull calcium from your bones to maintain an alkaline state.   If your body is unable to get it back to an alkaline state you will end up weakening your bones.  Having an alkaline body allows for free movement of muscles, joints and strong bones which in turn makes for better performance.

What to look for in an ideal alkaline protein shake?  The ideal protein shake is cold ion-exchanged extraction/cold cross-flow-membrane extracted. This will allow for greater bioavailability and the protein to be rich in cystine, glutamylcystine, and sulfur raise glutathione levels and will protect the body from inflammation induced by exercise.  Look at the integrity of the supplier.  Make sure that the source of the protein is of highest quality and not oxidized but fresh.  If whey, grass fed, range-raised cows free of antibiotics.

It is really important you know what you are putting in your body! An acidic body is a body with inflammation and promotes numerous diseases as it ages.

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