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So is it HEALTHY    or   NOT HEALTHY to    


Cleansing, Fasting is this just a fad or is it something that has been around for a while and just getting a lot more attention lately.  We have a sick, obese society and something has to change because the incidence of disease is just getting worse. It is a fact that toxins and chemicals are being stored in our cells only to later cause damage down the road unless we eliminate them. 

I have done juice cleansing and have followed a scientifically based cleansing system. My experiences from both have been positive.  My goals for each one I did were different.  I did my first 9 day juice cleansing in November 2004.  My goal was to rid my chemical sensitivities, eliminate the rash my 9 month old had all over his body from me breastfeeding him and to balance my body overall.  I had had some serious challenges in my life that had put a lot of stress on my body and my body systems were shutting down and reacting to everything.  I did lose weight, not a whole lot, I also didn’t have a whole lot to lose.  After completing the 9 day cleanse my goals were achieved.  Pretty amazing!  I was hooked.   I also remained 100% vegan raw for one year following the cleanse because I was feeling so great and didn’t want that feeling to go away.  I had trouble putting on muscle so I decided to change up and add other options to my lifestyle.   


In October 2010 I had learned that doing fasting and cleansing more than 2 days in a row burned muscle and I wasn’t going to do that again.  I was working at building muscle and maintaining it.  I was introduced to a scientifically based cleansing system that has since been proven to cleanse toxins from cells and allow for building lean muscle mass.  Needless to say I haven’t stopped using the system and continue to have amazing results of energy, lean muscle mass, quicker recovery from my workouts, endurance, better balance, focus and mental clarity, and fat loss.  It has no funky, artificial sweeteners in it or artificial anything.  It has high quality testing done to make sure it isn’t loaded with heavy metals.

Great Article On What Scientific Studies Are Showing Cleansing Is Capable Of Doing –  CLICK HERE


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