Something Is A Little Fishy!


something is a littl fishy 1

Kids just say the funniest things!  My 2nd graders humor and problem solving skills together just keep me entertained.  He came home not too long ago saying that I can’t ever pack him a smoked salmon sandwich again.  He loves smoked salmon so of course I had to find out why.  Apparently his friends made fun of him and said his salmon was a weird lunch and smelly.  So he tells me  he would like Sardines next time.  LOL!

I love that he is so into fish because fish oils are so good for his developing brain.   Fish oil has so many benefits.  Supplementing a quality, molecular distilled fish oil is addition to eating fish weekly is optimal.  Today unfortunately our large fatty fish are full of heavy metal toxins and that is not something we want to be eating a whole lot of especially since those toxins can store in our cells. Therefore a quality, tested supplement is best.

The benefits of fish oil includes increasing focus, decreasing inflammation from physical activity, increases seratonin levels (the happy hormone), great stress fighter, good for cardiovascular health, assists in mitigating insulin response, increases circulation, assists skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, may ease join pain, known to boost immune function.


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