Leap of Faith

It isn’t about me!  Well, I am sure when I was little I thought it was all about me.  I think something just shifts as we get older.  Maybe we learn it from our parents or maybe from our life experiences.  I remember my mother giving so much of herself and her time to myself and my brothers and that resonated with me.

I had this crazy experience where there was this voice in my head and it kept saying over and over again, “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!  It wouldn’t stop until I acknowledged it.  When I acknowledged it a huge smile-like smirk came across my face.  I was sitting across from my daughter and I stared right at her.  Our eyes met and she said in her sarcastic, spitfire voice that she often uses with me when she isn’t liking something or feels that I am about to share something that she isn’t going to like,  “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I then started to explain to her what had just happened and shared with her that there are times in our life when clues or cues are given to us to do something, or try something new, or make a change with the way we are doing something and we ignore the clues and cues.  Then this amazing clue just comes at you and won’t stop until you acknowledge it and that is when you know  “It’s time!”

I have to share this with others because so many times we ignore signs or clues.  If we just stop and quiet our minds a little everyday to allow these “gut instincts”, “messages”, “sixth sense”, or “clues” to enter and listen to what they are telling us, some amazing opportunities or successes won’t be missed.  We are asking all the time for signs, signals, or for answers to challenges or a direction to go in life and we don’t stop to listen when the answer is given.  Listen because you  may be ready for that Leap Of Faith!

So you may be asking what it is time for?  Well, it isn’t about me and what it is time for, for me because what excites me may not be the least bit exciting for you.  Go find your quiet time and listen!


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