Something Is A Little Fishy!


something is a littl fishy 1

Kids just say the funniest things!  My 2nd graders humor and problem solving skills together just keep me entertained.  He came home not too long ago saying that I can’t ever pack him a smoked salmon sandwich again.  He loves smoked salmon so of course I had to find out why.  Apparently his friends made fun of him and said his salmon was a weird lunch and smelly.  So he tells me  he would like Sardines next time.  LOL!

I love that he is so into fish because fish oils are so good for his developing brain.   Fish oil has so many benefits.  Supplementing a quality, molecular distilled fish oil is addition to eating fish weekly is optimal.  Today unfortunately our large fatty fish are full of heavy metal toxins and that is not something we want to be eating a whole lot of especially since those toxins can store in our cells. Therefore a quality, tested supplement is best.

The benefits of fish oil includes increasing focus, decreasing inflammation from physical activity, increases seratonin levels (the happy hormone), great stress fighter, good for cardiovascular health, assists in mitigating insulin response, increases circulation, assists skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, may ease join pain, known to boost immune function.


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Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it

Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it!”  Been totally feeling like this lately.  WOW!  I will admit though when I really get out there and take some risks, magically great things start happening.  I have noticed that I may not seem equipped to handle some of the challenges that come my way or the opportunities I go after but for some reason I become equipped as I go along.  I do not allow myself to become stranded or left to sink.  I always seem to find a way to swim.  It takes confidence, strength, and courage to keep going. I know that there is a higher power guiding me.  I visualize the end result and I stay positive along the way.

Our subconscious mind always tries to get us to stay in our comfort zone especially when we start to gravitate towards the unfamiliar.  It freaks out if we try to disrupt our routine or take on another challenge. Yet the truth is that if we want positive change in our life we must take action and become uncomfortable.  Sitting around in complacency waiting for someone else to do all the work for us is just an excuse to be average and play average.  That may work for some people but if you want more than just average out of life, let go of the fear and “Bite off more than  you can chew and then chew it!”



Leap of Faith

It isn’t about me!  Well, I am sure when I was little I thought it was all about me.  I think something just shifts as we get older.  Maybe we learn it from our parents or maybe from our life experiences.  I remember my mother giving so much of herself and her time to myself and my brothers and that resonated with me.

I had this crazy experience where there was this voice in my head and it kept saying over and over again, “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!  It wouldn’t stop until I acknowledged it.  When I acknowledged it a huge smile-like smirk came across my face.  I was sitting across from my daughter and I stared right at her.  Our eyes met and she said in her sarcastic, spitfire voice that she often uses with me when she isn’t liking something or feels that I am about to share something that she isn’t going to like,  “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I then started to explain to her what had just happened and shared with her that there are times in our life when clues or cues are given to us to do something, or try something new, or make a change with the way we are doing something and we ignore the clues and cues.  Then this amazing clue just comes at you and won’t stop until you acknowledge it and that is when you know  “It’s time!”

I have to share this with others because so many times we ignore signs or clues.  If we just stop and quiet our minds a little everyday to allow these “gut instincts”, “messages”, “sixth sense”, or “clues” to enter and listen to what they are telling us, some amazing opportunities or successes won’t be missed.  We are asking all the time for signs, signals, or for answers to challenges or a direction to go in life and we don’t stop to listen when the answer is given.  Listen because you  may be ready for that Leap Of Faith!

So you may be asking what it is time for?  Well, it isn’t about me and what it is time for, for me because what excites me may not be the least bit exciting for you.  Go find your quiet time and listen!



sweat like a pig look like a fox

I have never been shy about sweating.  I am a major sweater.  I am not sure that I can chalk it up to the fact that I must be working out   harder than the person next to me – yet that sounds good! Ha! What I do know is that my body is losing water and nutrients while sweating . Even with just 1 % of water loss, it is enough to compromise my performance and can cause my heart to have to work harder. The most important thing that I make sure happens is that I replenish properly and right away.

If you are just drinking water while working out you may cause an imbalance in your body.   Your drink should contain electrolytes in it to assist with keeping you hydrated and to assist in maintaining proper muscle and nerve function.  It is also important to have the right amount of carbohydrates for glycogen storage which allows for quicker recovery and stamina.   The right amount and type of carbohydrates is very important.   Too much of a simple sugar or an artificial sugar can lead to abdominal upset and discomfort.

I only choose products backed by science, clinical studies, and with nothing artificial in it.  No dyes or artificial sweeteners.  Only the best for my body (and my kids’ bodies too)!




WOW! I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY SOME OF THESE RECIPES WITH MY KIDS.  Ok so you have seen me post that  my kids snack on healthy things but lets get serious. Kids are kids and yes they do roll their eyes at me and say, “Seriously mom, does everything always have to be so healthy!”  “Can you please find some organic cookies, healthier than OREOS but not so healthy so they at least taste good?”

There are many times they do give me a hard time.  Don’t be fooled because they fight over Organic Pea Shoots or eat romaine lettuce leaves without dressing.  Don’t think that just because I have started them young on juicing and eating vegetables, fruits, and an organic as possible lifestyle that they don’t want to eat Kit Kat bars, Haribo gummy bears, soda, and other unhealthy foods and snacks.  They are exposed to these all the time. Their friends eat them.  There is advertising everywhere.  I educate them on chemicals that are found in those certain foods and what can happen when you consume chemicals – not crazy in depth but short, sweet and at the kid level.

Then we look for a healthier version so that they don’t feel deprived or  want to just go to their friends homes and gorge on junk. There are many healthier choices. They look at labels for certain ingredients that they know are not good for their body.  They are kinda funny because instead of getting mad at me they get mad at the candy bar or the company.  They will something like, “What the heck is wrong with them, why do they have to put high fructose corn syrup in here. Don’t they know there are other things they can use instead?”



Cleansing Cells 1

So is it HEALTHY    or   NOT HEALTHY to    


Cleansing, Fasting is this just a fad or is it something that has been around for a while and just getting a lot more attention lately.  We have a sick, obese society and something has to change because the incidence of disease is just getting worse. It is a fact that toxins and chemicals are being stored in our cells only to later cause damage down the road unless we eliminate them. 

I have done juice cleansing and have followed a scientifically based cleansing system. My experiences from both have been positive.  My goals for each one I did were different.  I did my first 9 day juice cleansing in November 2004.  My goal was to rid my chemical sensitivities, eliminate the rash my 9 month old had all over his body from me breastfeeding him and to balance my body overall.  I had had some serious challenges in my life that had put a lot of stress on my body and my body systems were shutting down and reacting to everything.  I did lose weight, not a whole lot, I also didn’t have a whole lot to lose.  After completing the 9 day cleanse my goals were achieved.  Pretty amazing!  I was hooked.   I also remained 100% vegan raw for one year following the cleanse because I was feeling so great and didn’t want that feeling to go away.  I had trouble putting on muscle so I decided to change up and add other options to my lifestyle.   


In October 2010 I had learned that doing fasting and cleansing more than 2 days in a row burned muscle and I wasn’t going to do that again.  I was working at building muscle and maintaining it.  I was introduced to a scientifically based cleansing system that has since been proven to cleanse toxins from cells and allow for building lean muscle mass.  Needless to say I haven’t stopped using the system and continue to have amazing results of energy, lean muscle mass, quicker recovery from my workouts, endurance, better balance, focus and mental clarity, and fat loss.  It has no funky, artificial sweeteners in it or artificial anything.  It has high quality testing done to make sure it isn’t loaded with heavy metals.

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