It’s Monday, but IT’S OK!

Its Monday


I love me a Monday!  That is not the case for most.  Are you feeling that dread of Monday?  Your stomach hurts and you just can’t wait until hump day to remind yourself you are halfway through your work week.  Better yet you can’t wait to get to Friday to get to happy hour to numb the body so you forget about how you despised every day that week of having to go to your job.

Guess what?  There is a better way!  

You may want to look at a few different things.  Your co-workers. Your pay. Your boss.  The routine work.  Or maybe the traffic.  Write down the things that are making you dread your Monday.   Then you will want to tackle them one at a time.  Maybe there is something you are to learn from your job.  Maybe the feeling is temporary. Or maybe the feeling has been going on for a long time and you need out.  Don’t just quit, have a plan.  You may not realize this but opportunities are revealed to you all the time. Over and over again.  Don’t think a two by four is going to wack you in the head and say “This is an Opportunity!” You have to be open  and aware.  You are asking and the universe is delivering.  Wake up!  If someone offers you an opportunity check it out even if you aren’t so sure it is for you.   Doors are opening all the time and if you don’t see what is inside you are doing yourself a disservice.   You never know it may just be what you are looking for.

Or you can choose to keep going down the same path because it is familiar and easy and you don’t want a change bad enough to actually do something about it.

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