“I Just Wanted To Be Closer To You”

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On the way home from evening soccer practice my youngest son called and spoke to his sister on the phone and told her to tell me to start to make something for him to eat before he went to bed but no oatmeal.  Well, she neglected to mention the oatmeal part and I knew he liked oatmeal before he goes to bed so I had oatmeal on the stove when he got home.   Boy was he not happy when he got home. He loudly said, “I am not eating the oatmeal! I said I didn’t want oatmeal! You have to make me something else!”  He jumped up on the counter and knocked over my glass of water and ice that I had just filled up.  I am working hard at paying extra attention on how I react to daily events- experiences. Not labeling them as a good thing or a bad thing just something that has happened.  I could have yelled at him or raised my voice and said, “How many times have I told you not to climb on the counters? Now look what you did! You made a mess and spilled water everywhere!”  That would have definately changed the evenings outcome and not is a positive way.  Instead I just looked at him and took an exaggerated slow, deep breath thinking about how I wanted to handle the situation, it was late, we were both tired, and before I could respond he said, “Oops, sorry, I spilled something.  I just wanted to be closer to you.”  I said that is ok.  I can get more water. We can clean this mess up together. Would you like to use the seat of your pants or a towel?”  He giggled and said, “A towel, I will get it, help me down please.”  Down he went and he cleaned up the water. I asked him if he would like some apple cut up alongside his oatmeal and he said yes.  When he finished and was in bed I spent some time lying next to him being closer to him. Snuggle time with my seven year old.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.

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  1. With four kids I was always stressing, over reacting and not always taking the time with them that I should have. I try only to reflect back on the times when I did take that deep breath. Those are such better memories. – YO MaMa

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