Trick or Treat Sugar Buzz

TRICK OR TREAT!  What an interesting Holiday! I have great memories of dressing up and having fun with my friends.  There were candy and treats yet I don’t recall that being a main focus.   Playing games, laughing, being silly and excited to see my friends costumes is what I recall most.  I wanted my kids to have similar great memories.  One obstacle…I am that mom that does not want her kids eating sugary candy full of dyes and chemicals.  I had to figure out a way for them to enjoy Halloween.

At first I was resistant to the idea of Trick or Treating.  Then I realized that I could come up with something really creative. So creative that their friends wanted to be part of it and they felt great about it.  I started teaching my kids the value of money at a young age and how great it was to have money.  They have learned to love money and they love when they get it.

My solution! For every piece of Halloween candy my kids get while Trick or Treating they turn it is to me for 25 cents.  While my kids trick or treat they are adding up their money as they go along. How exciting! They will say, “I have made a $1.50 so far!” I will never forget their friends saying, “What? You get money for the candy you collect?” and my kids would say, “Yes, we turn the candy in to our mom and she gives us 25 cents for every piece.”  You would hear the others kids says things like, “What? That isn’t fair! I want money for my candy.”  Others would say, “So your mom eats all your candy?” (not!) And others would ask their parents who were right there if they would do the same thing and surprisingly some would say, “Yes” and others would say…  “You want to eat all your candy don’t you?” (eeek!)  Or “Mom, can I keep some of my candy and turn the rest in for money?”  Getting them all sugared up is not so FUN!  We all know the repercussions of that and for me… it is not worth it!

Indulging in the better things in life like money, dressing in costume, being silly and laughing with friends is FUN! So if you are looking for an idea to keep the sugar buzz to a minimum or a creative way to keep your kid healthier this Halloween… this works!

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