Its Genetic

I am a Fitness Junkie and Healthy Food Junkie! Is this genetic?  I hope that I pass this genetic behavior on to my kids so they too can live a healthy, happy, productive life! What a great genetic trait to have! WOW!  I was wondering where I got this genetic trait from because honestly, I am not so sure I am seeing it from my parents.  Hmmmm…. Genetic?  What does genetic really mean? I actually saw a young cousin not too long ago post that he had to take heart medication because he had high blood pressure and it was genetic, he didn’t have a choice.  Really? Is this true? IS IT GENETIC?

My belief has always been that we may be predisposed to certain conditions; however if we change what we are doing (get off the hamster wheel) we can get a different outcome. Believe it or not – it has always seemed to work for me so far. Maybe I am just lucky and what I touch turns to healthy. Not! I don’t ever chalk anything up to “luck”. It is all hard work, determination and never giving up. I started looking around to see if there was any merit to my beliefs.  And this is what I found…..

If you believe the MYTH that your genes control your life you will become a victim of your heredity.  GREAT NEWS!  This is just a myth!  Science is actually revealing that exposure to toxins, processed foods, chemicals, negative thoughts and beliefs creates our ill health.  Our genes do not control our lives and if that was the case every single one of us would have a predetermined life and no matter what we chose to do the same end result would happen.

Scientists are finding that in addition to nutrients, our thoughts, emotions, and unconscious beliefs are regulating our genetic expression.  Many of us actually have a “cancer gene”; however our cells determine if they are going to read that gene. We can actually “turn on” or “turn off” that gene by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  Wow!

We are in control of our genes…We can live a healthy life by taking in high quality nutrition and supplements, limiting our exposure to toxins, maintaining a positive attitude, and exercising.  This will give our genes the ability to create disease fighting behaviors.  We can also set our children up for success by making sure we are doing this when they are in our womb and after.

So being a Fitness Junkie and Healthy Food Junkie is not genetic after all. It is a choice I make because I love the way I feel! Healthy, Happy and Alive!

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