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I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology upon graduating from College and had no idea where to go from there.  I knew that I wanted to do something to help people.  After working as an insurance adjuster for 10 months I was feeling unfulfilled.

I went to the local University and grabbed a Graduate Catalog and started thumbing through it looking for something interesting.  I came across “Communication Disorders”   Sounded interesting.  I noticed in order to get into the Graduate Program I had to make sure I had all the prerequisite classes.  I needed 4.  So I enrolled in the 4 classes I needed.  Why drag it out?  Get it all taken care of in one semester!  I worked a full time job and took night classes that Spring and applied to the Graduate Program for the Fall.  I didn’t know if I was accepted until late summer but I was allowed to take 2 graduate courses prior to being accepted so I took 2 graduate courses that summer.  Bam!

In the Fall I left the Insurance Company, got a Part-Time job and started Graduate School.  I graduated in 2 years with a Master’s degree and landed a job as a Speech-Language Pathologist right away.  I worked in a Rehab Facility and Deaf Vocational School for 2 years and then worked at an Elementary School for 13 years.  Gosh, time flew! I loved working with the kids had 3 myself; yet again became unfulfilled.  I knew that again I desired to do something that helped people.   I struggled a little trying to figure out what my purpose was and took some time to reflect on my life thus far.  While getting my Master’s Degree my fiancé had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and at that time I added to my plate researching and studying Nutrition and Alternative Therapies.  I just couldn’t make any sense of the conventional therapies so quietly I studied options.  Quietly, because whenever I asked the Doctors any questions they hushed me and mocked me for asking.  I didn’t let that stop me! I kept studying and researching and never stopped.  We made it through that challenging time and many more as the years went on.  I never let anyone’s opinion of my green drinks or healthy food stop me.  Trust me there were many, many, many times I was mocked. I was way ahead of my time.   All those round table IEP meetings I would sit in with the other “professionals” who would ask the same question every time we sat down to discuss the students,  “Is there something in the water? Why are the kids getting worse? Why do we have so many kids that can’t focus, are ADD/ADHD and/or Learning Disabled?” At first I thought they wanted an answer to their question. So I would answer them and tell them.  Quality Nutrition and Supplements.  Real Food. Less Exposure to Chemicals and Environmental Toxins. Emotional Healing.  They would ignore me or say, “That’s not what it is”.   You see, I had been sharing with parents the importance of quality nutrients.  We noticed that when children received the proper nutrients in their body there were significant improvements with the ability to stay on task, focus and perform to their optimal abilities both mentally and physically.

I was excited and that was just the beginning to a passion I never knew would someday lead to my life’s path. My purpose.  The JOB part of my life was done. It was now time for my purpose.  I followed my intuition, my heart, and my guts.  I jumped ship and walked away from that JOB. I wanted to help people of all ages feel amazing!  I wanted something that gave people energy, focus, clarity, purpose, vibrant health from the inside out.  I had found a natural, organic, solution based system that assisted people with Weight Loss, Energy and Performance, Healthy Aging and Wealth Creation and I was going to share it with everyone.  That was the beginning of Healthy Florida Girl.

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