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I have been reading some great books lately. I love to read about things that assist me in making significant changes in my life so that I can also impact the lives of others in a positive way.   I enjoy Self- Improvement and Empowerment, Nutrition, and Financial Education books. Right now I am LOVING the most recent books I have been reading by Robert Kiyosaki,  Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant.  WOW!  Some really great stuff in these books. I also am so grateful that I am able to share and open my kids eyes to a totally different way of thinking and learning that they don’t get in school.

Every Monday my youngest son (7) comes home with his Monday Folder.  In the Monday Folder is graded work often filled with comments.  Maybe just my kids papers have a lot of comments on them (uh-oh! Lol!).  No fret! OK. So yesterday my son brought his folder home and we often go through it together and go over mistakes, I ask him questions and why he answered a certain way and then we go over the correct answer or the answer they were looking for.  I saw one test that said on it, “This was an Open Book test. 70%”   So I asked my son if he used his book and he said, “No I wanted to see if I could get a 100% without using the book! I tried but I didn’t get a 100%”.  I didn’t laugh out loud but I wanted to so bad.  Yep!  My Risk Taker!  Awesome trait! This kid is going places!  He was also hiding some of the papers and said, “You don’t need to see these mom, they aren’t good grades.”  This comment is coming from a kid who has just learned what “grades” are.  He was in a Montessori school for several years and they didn’t use grades. This was also the first week he was worried about a “C” grade.  He said that if he got any bad grades he would be staying back because he met a boy who was his age and was only in 1st grade.  That boy told him he got bad grades and they made him stay in the same grade again. So I proceeded to give my son an education about grades and the school system.  I told him that school teaches you to get A’s, not make mistakes because mistakes are bad, and then they teach you to go find a secure job to work for someone.  I said those people that the “A” students are working for are the “C” students that took risks, own businesses and have investments. Those “C” students are also the ones who are making a lot of money and have assests not liabilities.  He said, “What are assests and that other word?”  I told him assests are like having money in your pocket and liabilities are like having no money in your pocket.  He decided he liked assests.  I also shared that he was doing awesome making mistakes and learning from them and not to worry about making mistakes. Mistakes were good as long as he learned from them. I also shared that in order to be successful he needed to make mistakes.  Then his older sister(12) came into the room and was all upset she got a 40% on a test and now her “A” was going to be a “C”. My 7 year old blurted out, “Don’t worry because you will own your own business one day and have all the  “A” students working for you and you will be the one with all the assests.”   Seeing the look on my daughters face…. It’s time to have a conversation with her.


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I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology upon graduating from College and had no idea where to go from there.  I knew that I wanted to do something to help people.  After working as an insurance adjuster for 10 months I was feeling unfulfilled.

I went to the local University and grabbed a Graduate Catalog and started thumbing through it looking for something interesting.  I came across “Communication Disorders”   Sounded interesting.  I noticed in order to get into the Graduate Program I had to make sure I had all the prerequisite classes.  I needed 4.  So I enrolled in the 4 classes I needed.  Why drag it out?  Get it all taken care of in one semester!  I worked a full time job and took night classes that Spring and applied to the Graduate Program for the Fall.  I didn’t know if I was accepted until late summer but I was allowed to take 2 graduate courses prior to being accepted so I took 2 graduate courses that summer.  Bam!

In the Fall I left the Insurance Company, got a Part-Time job and started Graduate School.  I graduated in 2 years with a Master’s degree and landed a job as a Speech-Language Pathologist right away.  I worked in a Rehab Facility and Deaf Vocational School for 2 years and then worked at an Elementary School for 13 years.  Gosh, time flew! I loved working with the kids had 3 myself; yet again became unfulfilled.  I knew that again I desired to do something that helped people.   I struggled a little trying to figure out what my purpose was and took some time to reflect on my life thus far.  While getting my Master’s Degree my fiancé had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and at that time I added to my plate researching and studying Nutrition and Alternative Therapies.  I just couldn’t make any sense of the conventional therapies so quietly I studied options.  Quietly, because whenever I asked the Doctors any questions they hushed me and mocked me for asking.  I didn’t let that stop me! I kept studying and researching and never stopped.  We made it through that challenging time and many more as the years went on.  I never let anyone’s opinion of my green drinks or healthy food stop me.  Trust me there were many, many, many times I was mocked. I was way ahead of my time.   All those round table IEP meetings I would sit in with the other “professionals” who would ask the same question every time we sat down to discuss the students,  “Is there something in the water? Why are the kids getting worse? Why do we have so many kids that can’t focus, are ADD/ADHD and/or Learning Disabled?” At first I thought they wanted an answer to their question. So I would answer them and tell them.  Quality Nutrition and Supplements.  Real Food. Less Exposure to Chemicals and Environmental Toxins. Emotional Healing.  They would ignore me or say, “That’s not what it is”.   You see, I had been sharing with parents the importance of quality nutrients.  We noticed that when children received the proper nutrients in their body there were significant improvements with the ability to stay on task, focus and perform to their optimal abilities both mentally and physically.

I was excited and that was just the beginning to a passion I never knew would someday lead to my life’s path. My purpose.  The JOB part of my life was done. It was now time for my purpose.  I followed my intuition, my heart, and my guts.  I jumped ship and walked away from that JOB. I wanted to help people of all ages feel amazing!  I wanted something that gave people energy, focus, clarity, purpose, vibrant health from the inside out.  I had found a natural, organic, solution based system that assisted people with Weight Loss, Energy and Performance, Healthy Aging and Wealth Creation and I was going to share it with everyone.  That was the beginning of Healthy Florida Girl.


Trick or Treat Sugar Buzz

TRICK OR TREAT!  What an interesting Holiday! I have great memories of dressing up and having fun with my friends.  There were candy and treats yet I don’t recall that being a main focus.   Playing games, laughing, being silly and excited to see my friends costumes is what I recall most.  I wanted my kids to have similar great memories.  One obstacle…I am that mom that does not want her kids eating sugary candy full of dyes and chemicals.  I had to figure out a way for them to enjoy Halloween.

At first I was resistant to the idea of Trick or Treating.  Then I realized that I could come up with something really creative. So creative that their friends wanted to be part of it and they felt great about it.  I started teaching my kids the value of money at a young age and how great it was to have money.  They have learned to love money and they love when they get it.

My solution! For every piece of Halloween candy my kids get while Trick or Treating they turn it is to me for 25 cents.  While my kids trick or treat they are adding up their money as they go along. How exciting! They will say, “I have made a $1.50 so far!” I will never forget their friends saying, “What? You get money for the candy you collect?” and my kids would say, “Yes, we turn the candy in to our mom and she gives us 25 cents for every piece.”  You would hear the others kids says things like, “What? That isn’t fair! I want money for my candy.”  Others would say, “So your mom eats all your candy?” (not!) And others would ask their parents who were right there if they would do the same thing and surprisingly some would say, “Yes” and others would say…  “You want to eat all your candy don’t you?” (eeek!)  Or “Mom, can I keep some of my candy and turn the rest in for money?”  Getting them all sugared up is not so FUN!  We all know the repercussions of that and for me… it is not worth it!

Indulging in the better things in life like money, dressing in costume, being silly and laughing with friends is FUN! So if you are looking for an idea to keep the sugar buzz to a minimum or a creative way to keep your kid healthier this Halloween… this works!


Its Genetic

I am a Fitness Junkie and Healthy Food Junkie! Is this genetic?  I hope that I pass this genetic behavior on to my kids so they too can live a healthy, happy, productive life! What a great genetic trait to have! WOW!  I was wondering where I got this genetic trait from because honestly, I am not so sure I am seeing it from my parents.  Hmmmm…. Genetic?  What does genetic really mean? I actually saw a young cousin not too long ago post that he had to take heart medication because he had high blood pressure and it was genetic, he didn’t have a choice.  Really? Is this true? IS IT GENETIC?

My belief has always been that we may be predisposed to certain conditions; however if we change what we are doing (get off the hamster wheel) we can get a different outcome. Believe it or not – it has always seemed to work for me so far. Maybe I am just lucky and what I touch turns to healthy. Not! I don’t ever chalk anything up to “luck”. It is all hard work, determination and never giving up. I started looking around to see if there was any merit to my beliefs.  And this is what I found…..

If you believe the MYTH that your genes control your life you will become a victim of your heredity.  GREAT NEWS!  This is just a myth!  Science is actually revealing that exposure to toxins, processed foods, chemicals, negative thoughts and beliefs creates our ill health.  Our genes do not control our lives and if that was the case every single one of us would have a predetermined life and no matter what we chose to do the same end result would happen.

Scientists are finding that in addition to nutrients, our thoughts, emotions, and unconscious beliefs are regulating our genetic expression.  Many of us actually have a “cancer gene”; however our cells determine if they are going to read that gene. We can actually “turn on” or “turn off” that gene by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  Wow!

We are in control of our genes…We can live a healthy life by taking in high quality nutrition and supplements, limiting our exposure to toxins, maintaining a positive attitude, and exercising.  This will give our genes the ability to create disease fighting behaviors.  We can also set our children up for success by making sure we are doing this when they are in our womb and after.

So being a Fitness Junkie and Healthy Food Junkie is not genetic after all. It is a choice I make because I love the way I feel! Healthy, Happy and Alive!